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Caring for our Environment

Caring for our environment

At Dusted and Delicious we are very conscious of sustainability and waste, and the disastrous impact not caring has had on our planet.  We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our performance in this area, and  have made several positive steps to minimise our impact on the environment:

  • We use the fantastic Wellington City Council ‘Kai to Compost’ where our food waste is taken away and turned into compost.

  • Product food wastage is minimal and is either shared among staff or taken to The Free Store where it is redistributed to others.

  • Although we prefer crockery, occasionally disposable is more convenient for our clients and ourselves. Our disposable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins are all biodegradable and/or compostable.

  • We recycle all plastic, paper, pens, cardboard, glass & cans, batteries, printer ink cartridges

  • When packing items such as our catering lunch boxes or Home Baked gift boxes we use food grade, compostable paper to wrap individual food items where necessary, otherwise we don't wrap the item.  We don't use plastic wrap at all.

  • Although we mostly have to use plastic wrap to cover and deliver catering (for Health & Safety Reasons) we do have a compostable paper alternative that can be requested.  Unfortunately it's not alway practical to use the paper alternative eg if it raining when we deliver the paper can get soggy

  • We do a very limited amount of deep frying but we do recycle our fryer oil. The oil eventually finds its way to India where it is converted into car fuel!

  • We run two vans for deliveries, one of them is an electric van.  Ultimately our goal is that all our vehicles will be electric.

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